Water Quality

UltraPure PLUS (Bay Collection)

Utilizing the same technology as the drinking water purification processes in Europe, the UltraPure™ PLUS water management system introduces ultraviolet light in addition to mixing ozone and water three times to create the most effective system available. UV light comes in contact with eight gallons of water per minute, diligently neutralizing any remaining impurities. The dual filtering method also allows for the water management system and fountains to run separately and quietly, cleaning the water while you use your hot tub.

UltraPure (Reflections® Collection)

Improving upon the industry standard, D1® offers the patented UltraPure™ water management system. This hot tub filtration system mixes ozone and water three times to ensure ozone comes in contact with every drop of water to provide the purest water possible, 24 hours a day.

ClearZone® PRO (@Home® Collection)

As the pioneers of the use of ozone in hot tub water care, we know that not all ozone systems are created equal. Through the use of this natural, oxygen-based system, ClearZone® PRO significantly reduces the need for chemicals by fighting and oxidizing impurities 47% more efficiently than standard ozone systems.